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Heyo, i'm Bethany. I'm in like 5000 fandoms so there is no specific reblogging pattern. Ask me anything annnnd i hope you have a nice day!
Her Vageen? Jesus....

Hands in acca-bitches!

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must be a really slow news day..


must be a really slow news day..

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New angles!  Meeting Tom @ the High Rise set, 8/14/14.  Thanks to my sweet friend Abbey for taking and sending me the pics. 

And I’m calling us “Smittleston" because I’m totally shipping us. :-P

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aww cute! Smittleston! His body language toward you is very dynamic. He’s like leaning into it. oooh I think he likes you. :3

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making a joke and waiting for a response like


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Makeup Transformations (Part One)

Previously: Office Safari

LMAO @ Lupita’s brother

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Tom Hiddleston arrives at the Jameson Empire Awards [x]

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The Maze Runner hits theatres in 2 months! (19/09/14)

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get to know me meme: [5/10] bands/musicians
arctic monkey - ” I wanna grab both your shoulders and shake baby, snap out of it. I get the feeling I left it too late, but baby snap out of it. If that watch don’t continue to swing or the fat lady fancies having a sing, I’ll be here waiting ever so patiently for you to snap out of it.”

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